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East Rock Creek Village: How We
Got Started

About 50 neighbors came together in the fall of 2012 to learn about the village concept at the home of Deborah Royster, General Counsel to the D. C. Office on Aging. The response to the concept of a senior village to assist members to remain in their homes as they age with the help of volunteers was well-received.

From that larger group that met at Ms. Royster’s home, a smaller working group came together to do the “nuts and bolts” work. The working group’s efforts culminated in the incorporation of the East Rock Creek Village, Inc. (“ERCV” or “Village”) as a District of Columbia non-profit corporation on September 18, 2013. Our village consists of the neighborhoods of Brightwood, Colonial Village, Crestwood, Manor Park, North Portal Estates, Shepherd Park, and Takoma DC.

Where are we now?

After incorporation, an elected Board of Directors [many of whom were part of the smaller working group] has worked tirelessly to meet the goal of having the Village “up and running” and providing services beginning in January 2016. This work included getting designated as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the IRS. The application was approved on May 14, 2014. As a non-profit corporation, ERCV received an exemption from sales, personal property and income and franchise taxes in DC, as well as it’s DC charitable solicitation license. This allows ERCV to ask for, and receive, donations, and apply for grants, that may be deducted as charitable donations under DC and Federal laws.

The projected budget for the first year is $85,000, of which about 70-75% is expected to come from memberships; the remaining amount will be from individual and corporate donations and government grants and donations. As of October 2015, we have more than 100 pledges for individual and household memberships; we need 130 to meet a goal of $75,000 from memberships.

Contact us: Phone: 202-656-7322
Office: 7707 13th Street NW, Washington DC 20012

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