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ERCV Board of Directors

Board of Directors


Gloria Sulton has resided in the Colonial Village neighborhood of NW Washington, DC for over 45 years. Her son attended Shepherd Elementary School and a Montessori pre-school in the neighborhood. She was active in North Washington Neighbors, Inc., a non-profit organization promoting integrated neighborhoods, participating in its “babysitting coop,” serving as an officer, and otherwise volunteering as needed. When she heard about the meeting to gauge interest in a “village” in NW, she was anxious to learn more. Since that first meeting, she has participated in many meetings to establish East Rock Creek Village.

Gloria pursued a career as an attorney with the federal government for over 31 years, retiring in 2005. She was active in local and national bar associations, serving as President of the Greater Washington Area Chapter, Women Lawyers Division, National Bar Association. Additionally, she was on the Board of the National Bar Association for many years.


David Mackoff moved to Washington in 1997 and became a homeowner in the Brightwood neighborhood in 2010. Originally from Chicago, he has an MBA from Northwestern University with a focus on urban economic development and non-profit management. David has provided consulting services to small businesses, local governments and non-profits.

Over the years David has been a teacher and tutor to students of all ages in a wide variety of subjects. He has helped build, refurbish and repair homes and offices and enjoys assisting behind the scenes in the production of public events and local theater.

David believes in the value of local civic organizations that work to do good and build community. He served as treasurer and board member to one such, Jews United for Justice, for over a decade. David will help ERCV to become a vibrant community asset.


Nancy Foster and her husband Bill moved to DC in the summer of 1968 and chose to settle in Shepherd Park because they were aware of the mission of Neighbors Inc. Nancy was active in Neighbors for several years, including the babysitting co-op and co-editing the newsletter, until she began work as an early childhood teacher. She taught for over thirty years at Acorn Hill Waldorf Kindergarten and Nursery in Silver Spring, where she also served on the Board. She was a visiting faculty member for many years at Sunbridge Institute, a Waldorf teacher training institute in New York. She recently retired from an administrative position as school membership coordinator for the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America and continues to mentor Waldorf teachers.

Nancy’s husband and younger son are both violists in the National Symphony, and she attends concerts regularly. Nancy and Bill have four grandchildren, two of whom live close by, and these are a great joy to them.


Margie Odle has lived with her husband in Shepherd Park for over 30 years. Together they raised two children who both attended DC public schools before college. Margie served on the board of directors at one of the local synagogues for over 15 years. In addition, she has been active in the Shepherd Elementary Early Readers program since its inception in 2008. She has taught technical courses with ByteBack, a DC-based non-profit providing basic computer training to the community and is active in the AARP VITA/TCE tax assistance program as a local coordinator at the Anacostia Library site.

Margie was an applications software developer for 44 years, working in private industry primarily on public health research projects sponsored by the federal government.


Paula Blair has lived in Shepherd Park since moving to the Washington, D.C. region in 1994 to manage a billing center for her employer, AT&T. She has enjoyed two careers, one with AT&T and a second with Pepco, the local electric utility serving the District of Columbia. Paula has two adult children and three grandchildren. She has served on the boards for Cultural Tourism, DC and Centronia Child Development Center in Mt. Pleasant, D.C. She actively serves on the management board for Foundry United Methodist Church, also located near downtown D.C.


Susan Davis has lived in Shepherd Park since 1978 and plans to live there for 20 more years—eventually with the help of East Rock Creek Village. She has a Master’s Degree in social work, and has worked as a health educator and counselor, as a volunteer coordinator, and for the last 20 years as a research interviewer.

Through the years, Susan has worked as a volunteer with Neighbors Inc., the Rock Creek Community Garden, Shepherd Elementary School, and the DC Chapter of Amigos de las Americas which trains and supports area high school students who do summertime community service in Latin American communities.

Before becoming an ERCV Director, Susan was a member of ERCV’s Volunteer Committee. She organized coverage of Ward 4 polling places on April 28, 2015 where over 60 seniors interested in joining our village filled out contact cards at Coolidge High School, Shepherd Park Elementary School and the Takoma Education Campus.


Peter Kramer joined his wife Diane to live in Takoma DC when he retired in 2005. He is a biologist who worked for 40 years as a scientist, university teacher and conservationist in Europe and South America. During much of his professional life he was an employee or volunteer for non-profit organizations, always focusing on conservation of nature and environmental policy promotion. Now he promotes native plants, butterflies and birds within, and he keeps pesticides out of, his yard.

Within their blended family he and Diane have five children and three grandchildren. They all support Peter and Diane’s wish to remain and grow old in their house in Takoma DC.


Susan Learmonth has been a Shepherd Park resident for 40 years and a homeowner since 1974. She and her husband raised three children who attended DC public schools. A teacher by training, she taught in the public schools for 25 years and worked for a national organization to promote integrated housing. Susan held PTA offices in her neighborhood school and offices in North Washington Neighbors Inc. Since retiring, she has volunteered in the Early Readers program at Shepherd Elementary School.


Shannon Cockett has lived in Takoma DC for over 30 years. After graduating from Harvard University with a B.A. degree in government, she moved here to serve as a special assistant to U.S. Senator Daniel K. Inouye. While awaiting admission to graduate school, Shannon became a 3-time victim of crime and decided to join the DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD). Her career was spent in public service, during which time she raised her handicapped daughter.

She served as a Homicide lieutenant from 1994 to 1996, and as the Commander of the Second District from late 1998 to January 2000 managing police service to the neighborhoods primarily west of Rock Creek Park. From January 2000 to May 2003, she was the Assistant Chief in charge of all departmental training and from May 2003 to October 2007, she served as the MPD Human Services Officer.

Shannon's accomplishments included pushing the sworn police force from 3655 to 3900 while police officer candidates were required to have 60 semester hours of college rather than just a high school diploma. She worked with the DC City Council to secure legislation that limited the time police officers could be off on sick leave and limited duty, and she led her HR team to implement other reforms to get sworn officers back to work.

Upon retirement, Shannon did consulting work on the new 911 call center for NYC, but turned to non-profit work when she became president of North Washington Neighbors Inc. from May 2009 to September 2013.

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