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Living well,
Aging well

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Save the Date! Plan to come!
........ What: ERCV's Annual Membership Meeting
........ When: Saturday, September 17th, 3-5PM followed by a light supper.
........ Where: Takoma Village Cohousing, 6827 4th Street NW
Let's come together and build our Village!

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Welcome to East Rock Creek Village's Homepage!

What is a senior village?

A village is not a place but a concept of harnessing the power of neighbors as volunteers who provide a variety of supportive services to village members. The volunteers might provide transportation services, change light bulbs and batteries in smoke detectors, provide basic computer services, help with yard work, decluttering and simple handyman services, to insure a better quality of life. Other services may include referrals to vetted third-party vendors for jobs too large for our volunteers to handle.

Additionally, most villages provide educational, social and cultural activities to enrich the member’s lives. Examples include book clubs, walking groups, coffee chats, brunch or soup salons, potluck suppers, etc. ERCV has a Social Membership category for those wishing to participate in these activities, but who do not require or need services at this time.

CBS News aired a segment in the “Sunday Morning” series to October 19, 2014 that is titled "Aging in America: Crisis in long-term care." View it now.

Where were we before January 15, 2016?

After incorporation, an elected Board of Directors [many of whom were part of the smaller working group] worked tirelessly to meet the goal of having the Village “up and running” and providing services sometime in early to mid-2015. This work included getting designated as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization by the IRS. That application was approved on May 14, 2014.

As a non-profit corporation, ERCV received an exemption from sales, personal property and income and franchise taxes in DC, as well as it’s DC charitable solicitation license. This allows ERCV to ask for, and receive, donations, and apply for grants, that may be deducted as charitable donations under DC and Federal laws.

Where are we now?
Over three years of hard work came to fruition on January 15, 2016 when ERCV "opened for business". Our launch party celebrated the village opening at our new office space at 7838 Eastern Avenue NW, Suite D. The village phone number is 202-656-7322. Come meet Sharon Flynn, our executive director. She has a coffee each Wednesday at 10AM - check the calendar for specifics. There is plenty of free parking behind the building.

The projected budget for the first year of operation is $85,000, of which about 70-75% is expected to come from memberships. The remaining amount has been raised from individual donations and grants from civic organizations and several ANCs. So far, over 80% of those who pledged membership have joined, and in doing so, made it possible for us to open.

We encourage those of you who have pledged, but not yet joined, to honor your pledges, support the mission, and take advantage of the rich offerings of village membership.

We are pleased to have a monthly newsletter that keeps our members and potential members up-to-date on the village activities and news. Click here to view the latest edition of the East Rock Creek Village Voice.

How can you help?

>>JOIN ERCV! If you live in one of the seven neighborhoods in Ward 4, are 50+ years of age, and would benefit from the services and social activities being planned, click here for the Join page or go to the 'Join' tab on the top menu for more information. Complete the needs assessment so we can better match services and volunteers.

>>GIVE A MEMBERSHIP AS A GIFT! Perhaps you have a parent, other relative or friend who is having a birthday soon and who would benefit from being part of the village. Click here for the Join page or go to the 'Join' tab on the top menu for more information.

>>VOLUNTEER! Maybe you’re not ready to join as a member, but still have some time to volunteer and assist your neighbors. Click here for the Volunteer page for more information.

>>DONATE! To date, the Board members have underwritten expenses associated with getting ERCV to fruition, including printing, filing and application costs; meetings with food and drink; postage; and other miscellaneous costs. We have had one "angel" make a substantial donation, for which we are very grateful. Your donation can further assist to underwrite these organizational costs and help the Village go operational. Click here for the Donate page or click on the 'Donate' link under 'Support' on the top menu.

Contact us: Phone: 202-656-7322
Office: 7838 Eastern Avenue NW Washington, DC 20012

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